• Don’t Leave It All To The Teachers: Parenting and Schooling Revised Edition

    Don’t Leave It All To The Teachers: Parenting and Schooling Revised Edition

    Don’t Leave It All To The Teachers: D r D E A N A

    This book stems from thirty-two years in teaching. It aims to take parents into the child’s learning environment without the stress which some parents have of schools and teachers and to show them some key aspects of schooling which can have a lasting effect on a child’s education and life chances. I do not intend to lecture to parents on how they ought to bring up their children. Instead, I merely set out to provide them with some of the tools with which to enhance their children’s success at school a kind of tool-kit. It is not meant to be a blueprint for success but an aid to success.

    Here are some of the topics covered

    • Preparing the child for primary secondary transfer
    • Going beyond the parents-evening
    • Schoolwork, homework and teacher expectation
    • Seeing the home as an extension of the school
    • Family values and how they influence a child’s schooling
    • How to be a Positive Parental Role-model

    The book is written in a style and language and with illustrations that make it easily accessible to parents of all ethnic communities.

    ‘DON’T LEAVE IT ALL TO THE TEACHER’ is a companion guide for parents, but it
    is equally good for teachers in their inseparable journey in the education of children.
    Dr Alleyne’s guidance over a range of processes will help parents understand how to support their
    children in their learning, but it will also help teachers in their understanding of some of the
    problems faced by this group of students. I am an experienced teacher in secondary schools
    in London UK. I am also a retired Head Teacher of a Secondary School, as well as a former
    Chair of Governors of both a Primary and a large Secondary school. From these various
    perspectives I recommend this guide as a ‘must-read’ to parents and teachers.
    —John E. Prince (MA Econ. Of Ed. London) Close with the Lord’s Prayer

    About the author:

    Dr Dean Alleyne was born in Barbados where he was educated at the Alleyne School and Harrison College. After four years teaching, he moved to England where he completed a BA degree at Birkbeck College London before rejoining the teaching service. An MEd from the University of Keele was followed by a Doctorate in Education from The University of London (2010) Institute of Education after retiring having spent thirty-two years in education.

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