• At the Zoo Whos Whooo

    At the Zoo Whos Whooo

    WHOO-WHOO-WHOOO! Who are you? Well to answer that Hooting question let’s find out Who’s-Who, and what a “Whoo-Whoo” can do. So as the zoo animals leave their comfy cages two by two to help the misplaced babies, let’s review and see if the Hooting-Whoo’s will ever make it safely back to their rooms.

    Therefore as two Unborn-Whoo’s unexpectedly open their eyes and find their parents missing, Come see what new mighty surprise happens to Lucy-and-Luke-Whoo, when they find out, Who’s-Who at the zoo! And closing their door not knowing what they did that for, that’s an important discovery to make too.

    Because being clueless wondering Who’s-Who, as two cute loose Whoos’ break-away they will need to find out if they are a monkey-elephant-bear-tiger-giraffe-wolf-goose-or-camel today! Sadly in that plan without their parents there to tell them Who’s-Who, not knowing who they are, Lucy-and-Luke-Whoo will have no way to know, why they …. hoot!

    So come help the Birthday-Kids figure things out. And as we learn everybody needs a pal, in that new clue, let’s discover if Lucy-and-Luke-Whoo find out what they’re doing. Yes indeed let’s see if the Whoo’s get back home. Or misplaced at Zoo-World will they always be two confused Whoo-Whooo’s, lost and alone?

    About the author:

    Mary Fitzgerald Joslin is a housewife, novelist, and children’s writer. Please visit www.joslinf.com for new book releases. But now, let’s follow the Trail-of-Tails. And as we find out what happens when a-lot of cool animals escape, let’s see if two cute Hooting-Whoo-Whoo babies find out Who’s Who at the zoo today!

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