• A Pretty Face

    Society has taken over how a pretty face should look, so people are doing things out of the norm to become a pretty face to deal with life's challenge.

    About the author:

    Shirley Jordan is a mother of four and a grandmother of five, she was born and raised in Houston Texas and is a true entrepreneur. For ten years she was an owner, founder and operator of PlayHouse Cuts, a hair salon that catered to children of all ages and disabilities.

  • A Trip To The Dentist

    About the author:

    Shirley Jordan is the youngest of seven children. She is a mother of four, three boys and one girl; and a grandmother to five. She was born and raised in Houston, Texas and always puts her family first. Shirley is truly an entrepreneur, owning and operating a haircutting salon for children to close to ten years. She absolutely adores children. Shirley loves writing children’s books because, she says, “Children don’t judge whether or not the pictures are good.” Shirley has no enemies and everyone falls in love with her smile. Her smile reflects her true heart and natural beauty. She loves to make people laugh, believing that laughter is good for the heart and it helps to release stress.

  • Golden Showers

    A senior in a college drops out to be with a military guy that she met at a college party. Only to find out he is a compulsive abuser that urinates on his victims and could possibly be a serial killer. So she goes into hiding until he is found.

    About the author:

    Shirley Jordan, a mother of four was born and raised in Houston, Texas. She is a grandmother of four grandsons and one granddaughter. This inspired her to write. She is a true entrepreneur. For ten years, she was the owner, founder and operator of Playhouse Cuts, a hair salon that catered to children of all ages.

  • Moving Slowly

    Moving slowly, slow as can be.
    Moving slowly, what can it be?
    Moving slowly and carrying its house.
    Moving slowly as quiet as a mouse.
    Carrying its own house!
    How could that be?
    Moving slow, but carefully.
    Moving slow as slow as can be. What
    is it moving towards me?

  • At Arm’s Length

    At some point in life you get fed up with the mishaps of life due to negative people in your life. So to keep peace and to stay out of confusion, you need to keep certain people at arm’s length to have peace of mind.

  • Love But Unwanted

    A story about a girl that is loved by everyone she meets. But the love that she wants from her father, she can’t seem to get. So she takes the love from others and make a positive motivated move in life for herself.

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  • Born Dead

    A baby is born with his navel cord wrapped around his neck for twenty minutes before doctors could bring him back to life. His family calls him a miracle child after being without oxygen for so long.

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