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  • Donald J

    The Rev Don, Redux: The Reverend Don Black White-Water Guide

    This is a true story about a Black White-water Rafting Guide in the Northwest back in the 80’s and 90’s. It starts with a short that tells the tale of how he got his river handle name “THE REV” and how he got into whitewater rafting. This is the extended version 3 of Swift water adventures that includes the additional chapter “The Rambo Weekend”.

    I have also included the link to a short Music Video that has a mix of gallery and video to show the wild and powerful energy that became so addictive. https://vimeo.com/35784097

    About the author:

    My Name is Don J. Chisholm “AKA THE REV.” I was born in what once was Detroit Michigan. I am the third child born on the thirteenth day on the third rock from the sun. I had no idea that I would live this long based on my journey through this life I served my country to escape Detroit after college. The last tour of duty was the “PNW”. It’s been a long journey through many trials, just read and enjoy the triumphs because they are not your typical things one experiences. Some very funny and some very weird but entertaining.

  • Richard Allen Pender - The Sojourners Volume 1

    The Sojourners Volume 1

    The United States was just beginning to emerge from the Great Depression of 1930’s when war began to rage in Europe. The United States at this time was not an active participant in the war. However, the U.S. was shipping war materials to England and Russia to aid their effort. The draft to conscript for the service had been initiated in order to develop a state of readiness in the event the U.S. would enter the European War. It was against this backdrop that the Imperial Japanese Navy, allies of Hitler’s Germany, made a surprise attack on the American Fleet at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on December 7, 1941. This single act mobilized the entire nation to build the military forces that would defeat the enemy in Europe and in the Pacific.

    The story is about that mobilization and it is developed around one eight-year-old boy and his family as they are forced to move from the rural south into the industrial northeast. The boy becomes a witness to the history that develops daily. He, along with the boys from other families also forced to move to the region, have many adventures as they assimilate into the new community. During this time of shortages and rationing they must improvise in order to try to lead a normal life without the standard accoutrements of their age group. In their desire to live and grow they become ensnarled in many situations that illustrate the temperament and values of the time.

    The story hearkens back to a much more innocent and simple time. The historical content is complemented by the humorous activities and behavior of the young boys and their relationship to the adults of that era.

  • The Value of a Homemaker - A Memoir

    The Value of a Homemaker: A Memoir

    “I was fortunate to have three sisters and two brothers. I would be the youngest of three or the oldest of four. Growing up would not be an ordinary experience for any of us. Yet, amazingly we persevered. I believe all of us were determined and chose to do and be better— not repeat the same mistakes. Memories of our mother gentle and loving but frail and medicated too often. Our father instilled fear for he never was taught or shown real nurturing love himself. Later, we would all understand the dynamics of both our parents and we would forgive.

    My dreams were to be a singer, dancer, artist and missionary—one day. I have done it all in some small capacity and on borrowed time. I would marry while a junior in high school and have a son on my husband’s birthday. Then, we were young and in love and determined to defy the odds. We would have three children and achieve incredible financial success during the process. But, in the end I would be sacrificed and my husband rewarded. Divorced, appealed and annulled—I was compelled to write my first book—my story, for understanding and to make a difference…”

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  • Unloved Daughter

    Unloved Daughter

    From a childhood of abuse came loneliness, fears, and torments in my life. Then going through a nervous breakdown, an abusive marriage, and a desire no longer to live, one day miraculously it all began to change. Reading my testimony you too will come to realize that God not only protected me, but God Himself is now using my yesterdays for His Glory. God saved me to be here for each one of you. The spark of life that seemed to no longer be within me was still present, and burns more than ever brighter today.

    Never did I imagine after raising a family that God would so powerfully come into my life. It all began in 1993 when He led me to Yugoslavia on a pilgrimage, and then in 2003 to Bible College along with my husband.

    After we graduated we were ordained as ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God had already let us know that we were to be founders of Message of The Cross Ministries, which today gives me more joy then I had ever hoped for in this life.

    Just as my earlier life began as a mighty disaster, this now new life in and through Jesus Christ has just the opposite effect and meaning! Traveling is one of my desires, and I patiently wait to see yet more of
    God’s creation and beauty for all of us.

    Without Jesus Christ I am weak; with Him I am strong. He is my all.

    Contact Information:
    Reverend Joan Bellrichard
    Message of The Cross Ministries
    P.O. Box 9992
    Colorado Springs Colorado 80932-0992

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