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  • Born to Create

    Born to Create is an inspirational autobiography chronicling Dr. Rosalie H. Contino's professional transition from successful seventh-grade English teacher to a newfound career in the arts. While most forty-year-old professionals are busy building upon the foundation that several years of hard work produced, Contino made the bold decision to quench the burning desire within to pursue the passion to create. Enjoying her creative careers as a costume designer, costume historian, playwright, and lecturer, Contino provides hope and a blueprint for those considering making the foray into the unknown and sometimes scary realm of the future. Written in a comfortable, conversational manner, Born to Create maintains a swift tempo while consistently providing an inspirational message for those harboring unrealized ambitions.

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  • Broken Rhythm

    Broken Rhythm is based on the real events of the 1940 Rhythm Night Club fire, Natchez, MS. On April 23, 1940, Walter Barnes and his Royal Creolians Band from Chicago, Illinois played that night – the band everyone wanted to see. It was the hottest and grandest night ever. Approximately over 500 folks packed the building; hundreds more stood outside. And before the night is over, the unimaginable happens.

    About the author:

    Evelyn Sue Clay is a career woman who enjoys spending quality time with family and friends, conversational discussions, writing, acting, and helping others. She is the author of Wrapped Up in Clovers, Overflowing in the Spirit of Love-29 Poems, and 29 Poems Capturing the Essence of Love. She continues to write to motivate, encourage, and inspire others. She earned her Associate of Arts Degree from College of Southern Nevada, and her Bachelor’s degree in Communications from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas. She is a loving and devoted wife, mother, and grandmother, but most importantly she is a God-fearing woman. She has a passion for helping others; she enjoys teaching youth and adults, inspiring both to move past their pain and life’s circumstances.


    He was wrongfully convicted, his lifelong career destroyed, and he was sent to a prison 2,200 miles from home, for a crime he did not commit. She lay in a hospital, clinging to life, with only a 50/50 chance of survival. But they hung on to their faith in God through it all. This is only the beginning of the dynamic testimony of Dick and Donna Walls.

    Having experienced unimaginable pain, broken hearts, financial ruin, and imprisonment, Dick and Donna have been called to Broken Vessel Ministries, a special ministry to the brokenhearted who need healing and a renewed assurance that God does care.

  • Cancer: A Sentence to Live

    Getting healthy is always a challenge. Staying healthy should be a top priority. It is a fact of life that the older we get, our bodies loses some of its essential nutrients. Many people who are facing various physical challenges are unaware of some of the herbs that could help them get and remain healthy. This book by Evelyn Reid seeks to fill that void. It will help you get back on the road to a healthier life.

    After 21 years of being cancer free is Evelyn Reid shares her personal journey of surviving and living healthy after a cancer diagnosis. In her book Cancer a Sentence to Live 2nd edition, Reid gives many details of her research, dietary supplements and eating healthy foods that can bring healing to your life. A cancer diagnosis can be frightening, confusing and depressing and it can be tempting to give in to passivity and even despair. Reid shows readers another way. By taking a holistic approach, Reid encourages readers to take care of not only their physical selves but also their souls, so that any obstacles to healing might be removed.

    A cancer diagnosis need not be a death sentence, but rather, it is a wakeup call to get busy and get healthy.

    About the author:

    Evelyn Reid is a budding new author who has written several books which includes Cancer a Sentence To Live, the new 2nd edition of Cancer a Sentence to Live, and Worship: Time in the word. Coming soon will be her latest book Dress Codes, I can dress myself. She is a researcher of natural and homeopathic medicine and a former instructor at Crossroads Institute of Biblical Studies. Reid is married to Dr. Donald M. Reid and they have one daughter Leni and grandson Evan.

  • Catching the Thief: A Story, A Search, and Schizophrenia

    “Schizophrenia is a disease that steals from young productive people in the prime of their lives. It steals past accomplishments and future opportunities. It steals their personality, their friends,and their dignity, It steals their very soul. I could feel my son’s pain. I could see the incredible fortitude it took to just hold on. My gut told me to search for anything and everything that was available to help him.”

    Author Bio

    In the fall of 1972, Kirk was a high school senior, full of dreams and aspirations. Class President for several years, awarded Scholar Athlete of his school, he was the All-American Boy. That is, until something happened which left his soul sidelined.

    In her book, Catching the Thief: A Story, a Search, and Schizophrenia, Diann Auld Reitelbach shares her and her son’s story of struggling through the crippling disease of schizophrenia. Their journey to find the right treatment spans three decades, ten states, countless doctors, therapies, and treatments—including orthomolecular medicine, mega-vitamins, cerebral allergies, electroshock treatments, dialysis, Faith annd Healing Clinics, and a very new experimental drug.

    Through her battle to save her son, Reitelbach paints an intimate portrait of the struggles surrounding this disease. Whether she is laboring to keep her faith, family, or sanity together; Reitelbach’s determination to free her son from the storm of schizophrenia never waivers. Their story will inspire its readers to never, ever give up.

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  • Clipped Wings

    My book tells the power full story about my life. I’m grateful to be alive to share my story and hope it opens your eyes. Because we are living in a desperate time and freedom are not free. I’m thankful for what I have today, but my fight is not over jet.

    Author Bio

    My name is Corinna Montgomery, born 1962 in East Germany, City Jena. I started school 1968 and finished in 1978. I started a vocational school as Dressmaker. I couldn’t finish this school, because I got arrested. The reason for this was, my parents and I planned to escape in West Germany. We all got arrested in July 1979. 1981 I came to West Germany with my parents. 1999 I came to America, by then I had two sons. One lives today in Germany, the other one in America.

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  • Country and City Life

    The life challenges existing while surviving through good and bad times during economic, legal, and social confrontations can be true tests of strength in character. This emotional diversity facing African Americans to be stable while enduring a variation of obstacles presented as motivational tests that question our limits mentally and physically to continue faithfulness in religious beliefs. This religious determination allows us our ability for searching toward higher ground in becoming productive within society by trust in God while performing with greatest sense of urgency.

  • Deprived: “Mary Lou West”

    Don was born and raised in North East Texas and is well acquainted with the friendly people, conservative values, towering pine trees and beautiful lakes that make that area an attractive place to live. At the age of 21, he came to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, and immediately began sharing his faith with others. Surprisingly, he began hungering to know and understand the Word of God. Little did he know that the hunger he felt would only increase as the years transpired. At the invitation of another new Christian, he left his home in Longview and moved to Dallas where he joined a church and was taught by other, more mature Christians. As good as it was, life did not remain the same. It was not long until he was moving again-this time to study the Bible so that he could one day be in full-time ministry. God also gave Don a wonderful, ministry-minded wife along with two children. The years at Bible school flew by, and Don was called to be the pastor of a small church in the town where he was born some 26 years before. Those were great years, and God raised up a loving church that was successful in reaching many young families for Christ. Moving, however, was not over for Don. He felt an uninvited call on his life to start a new church in Houston, Texas. Don submitted to that call of God and rented a house with no church members, no building and very little money. He believed God would somehow take care of his family as he did God’s work. He was right. God did indeed raise up a church that Don still pastors to this day. The years have passed, and Don and his wife now have 10 grandchildren and another one on the way. There is one overarching lesson Don has learned through the journey of life. God is faithful.

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  • Diving Deep for Sea Shells

    Stella Castellucci tells the story of her remarkable life in music. Born in Los Angeles in 1930 to musician father Louis Castellucci, Stella would go on to continue and further his legacy. Stella joined Peggy Lee’s touring jazz group in 1953. They would form a close friendship that would endure past Peggy’s life. Stella witnessed and took part in a very creative time for Peggy Lee in the 1950’s. They would closely collaborate on the 1958 Decca release Sea Shells.

    Stella would also appear on the Peggy Lee albums: Songs in an Intimate Style (Decca, 1954), Black Coffee (Decca, 1956), Dream Street (Decca, 1957), The Man I Love (Capitol, 1957), Jump for Joy (Capitol, 1958), Pretty Eyes (Capitol, 1960) and Christmas Carousel (Capitol, 1960).

    Learn the story behind the making of these and other classic recordings, including the Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong album Porgy & Bess. Stella remains a devoted friend to her “Big Sister” Peggy, even appearing for Lee’s 92nd birthday celebrations in North Dakota. This book was created through extensive email exchanges, phone conversations and visits between Stella and Edgar. We hope that the love and joy in writing it carries over to our readers. Fans of Jazz, Peggy Lee, harp music and the album Sea Shells are sure to enjoy the look back.

  • Dr. Love & His Party Girl: Wow!

    In New Jersey during the 1980’s, for six years, Dr. Love and his Party Girl gave parties for many different nationalities. Dr. Love, a loving doctor, is older than his Party Girl, but that is part of his charm. He spares no expense entertaining family and friends. His Party Girl does all the work: she cooks, and bakes cakes such as cheese and carrot, which she decorates to the hilt.

    For the most part, she is the entertainer. She dances primarily to Tom Jones Pussy Cat, and Arabic belly dancing. She picks up other dances along the way. In Arabic dancing, she shakes her hips, carries wine on her forehead, and holds a sword on top of her head. She whirls around, causing the audience to be on the edge of their seats.

    While Party Girl is having a ball partying, her teenage son, who is living with his father and step mother, is not doing so well in school. He’s making C’s and D’s. All that his mother can do is to encourage him to do well. They write letters back and forth. And when she sees him weekly, she helps him with his Spanish lessons. Then, graduation comes. Is his mother in woe or in joy? Read and find out.

    As for partying, it is like Dr. Love said, “People want bread and circuses. They work hard for the bread and expect to be well entertained.” That’s why our parties were a big hit. We entertained our guests which brought them back time and time again.

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