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  • God, Rocky Trails & the Mountains

    My packhorse had just plunged off a 300 foot cliff in the rugged Cascade Mountains. I cried out, “God, DO something!” Then, as an afterthought I threw in, “I know! Send angels!”…. And He did!

    Two giant ten-foot angels appeared before me, and hovered off the cliff. One seemed to be the leader. He asked me, “What do you want?”

    I blurted out, “WHAT DO I WANT? SAVE MY HORSE!”

    The angel was NOT in a hurry. With calm authority, he asked me, “Do you want the load, too?”

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  • How To Pray In Combat When Your Mind Is Off

    How do you pray in a time like this when your mind is gone so fast, you can’t think? How do you pray in combat when your mind is off? When we went to South Vietnam, I could go to the front line to fight the enemy, but I couldn’t ride on the front of the bus, illegal in south. Draftee were ordered to join the armed forces, most of the men were from the south and southwest. President Kennedy had asked fellow Americans, asked not what your country can do for you but asked what you can do for your country. We were all drafted by him. No one knew for certain if this was the start-up that changed the prejudiced of the country. I believed that we want to serve our country and would overlook our own prejudices in order to serve. We were together all of time in training and fellowship, on and off duty. We would overcome culture and ethnic differences. The army had a timetable set to get this division in the war in Vietnam (First Cavalry Airmobile). So the training was very hard and fast. This was the first time helicopters would be used to fight in a battle. The battalion commander Col. Moore had us well train and disciplined. By the fellowship we had become brothers before going to Vietnam. After fifty years, we still go together; we meet once a year. We would need this brotherly love to fight for each other in the bigger battle of the war. In combat, you don’t have time to think about what you are doing; you just do it. Your training takes over. How do you pray in a time like this when your mind is gone so fast, you can’t think?

  • I Called Myself Cassandra

         With his confession, I realized Robin was torn and left ripped apart by two lovers who demanded from him two completely different things. One wanted to start a new family, while the other wanted him to stick around for her aging, maturing, and now trifling self. Verna gave him a fresh opportunity, while the only thing I had to offer was to grow old together in our not-so-golden years, which could very well become eclipsed by our darkest times apart. The promise I was willing to see through with him, no matter the bumps and bruises it has caused us, was companionship, continuing what we started ages ago. As young lovers, we once vowed to each other that our love would survive the test of time. However, Verna’s newer promise of a more youthful life seemed to be more riveting to him.

  • Identical Companions: Birth Through Nineteen: Autobiography From Childhood Diaries

    Our brothers and other older boys, cousins and neighbors, always protected their precious identical twin angels, us. These are true diary chapters from our country, surprise births through our “city-fied” nineteen.

    Judith M. Leftoff spent most of her working life teaching chemistry, physics, and studio art. A mother and grandmother, she makes her home in Valley Center, Kansas. Her previous book, also nonfiction, is titled TWO DANIELS.

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  • If It’s Worth Doing, It’s Worth Doing Well

    Ken Wiginton and his sister were raised by their loving and incredible mother in Ballinger, Texas. Because their mother doesn’t have the resources to send them both to school, Mr. Wiginton worked hard to find a way to change their lives. After his senior year, he was fortunate enough to receive a full athletic scholarship to play football and basketball at San Angelo Junior College for a year and then transferred to Sam Houston State University.

    His four years in college were very significant for him. He enjoyed playing football and basketball. He met new friends and married the best-looking girl on campus. They were blessed with 2 beautiful children, Lee Glyndon Wiginton and Jill Ann Wiginton.

    If it’s Worth Doing, It’s worth Doing Well is a book about his High School Coaching career which began in 1963 up to 1999, Thirty-Six glorious years of doing something he loved and got paid for. This book will walk you through all his Ups and Downs as a coach, the schools he worked for and the athletes he coached.

    Author Bio

    Ken Wiginton is an award-winning basketball and football coach and was a health instructor in eight different schools for 36 years. He spends most of his time supporting his son Lee Wiginton who is following his footsteps as a coach. Currently, he lives in Lampasas Texas with his wife and cat.

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  • It’s About Time To Get Up

    This real life adventure is about persistence which has always been with me. Persisting to be the best at whatever I do, would lead me to a successful life. I faced many path ending situations and obstacles along the way. My story is rich with memories, fun, love, adventure, happiness, unbelievable dog escapades, comedy, death, sadness, and conflicts. A conflict with my boss ended with me quitting and my boss retaliating against my wife who later died from brain cancer. A conflict with a neighbor whose Pit Bull attacked causing my broken hip. Is there justice and success?

    Author Bio

    Gary Slemaker is a first time book writer. The idea came from his dog and a friend to write an autobiography of his life. He graduated from high school ranked 83rd out of 390 students. He attended various colleges and has earned credits over the requirement for an AA degree. The colleges were CSUN in Northridge, CA and Pasadena City College in Pasadena, CA. He submitted a poem that was selected and recognized by the International Library of Poetry. He produced many analytical screens of data for over 15 years that were published in a daily national business newspaper.

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    This is the true-life, roller coaster-ride story of a multi-talented, Earth-toned American singer, musician, and comedian, born and raised in Portland, Oregon, who survived a bullish upbringing that left him with a sense of unworthiness and not belonging, which metastasized into a wall of hopeless resentment and led to a rebellious, systemic journey of grapefruit-sour relationships, including a bogus military-based marriage, followed by a dysfunctional relationship in college, which led to a disastrous internship with the Portland Fire Department. He recognized early on his susceptibility to alcohol, and fell in love with a succession of women well-versed in the art of manipulation, relationships he respectfully describes as strange grapefruits. Having become involved in a biracial romantic entanglement, he relocated to the City of Seaside on the Pacific Northwest Oregon coast, working his way up to the position of supervisor of that city’s most popular beachfront hotel. However, he bites off more than he can chew as he is a convenient and continuous target, of police brutality, and endemic, rural-region bullying racism for eleven consecutive months. While attending the post-nuptial reception of a friend, he and the newlywed bride find themselves cornered by an invading gang of racist bikers with murder on their minds, which turns into an all-out melee in the host’s kitchen. After forcefully subduing the leader of the pack, he is elevated to instantaneous-hero status by the Seaside Police Department, who do a one-hundred-eighty degree turnabout regarding their treatment of a civilian they now hold in high regard. Despite this newly developed détente with the town heat, our plucky protagonist is still faced with another two-and-a-half years of constant death threats from the remainder of the notorious biker gang out of Portland, Oregon, who try to exact their racist revenge when they corner our hero once again. He escapes their clutches through a strange twist of fate, is arrested, charged with another infraction, goes to trial, and is found not guilty, twice, for acting in self-defense; Double jeopardy in a court of law, due to racism in the State of Oregon = Justified License To Kill in the eyes of the law.

  • Latvia’s Faithful Son

    About the author:

    Astrida Tiss was born in Americana, a city in San Paulo State, East Brazil. The elder daughter of Latvian parentage; her formative years were influenced by the diligent care of her maternal Grand-mother.
    At her Pastor-father’s behest she attended music Conservatory where she studied piano, earnestly. This endeavor proved not to be her forte. Instead, Astrida elected to pursue a Nursing career, receiving her degree from the prestigious San Paolo University. She practiced her expertise in the Surgical sphere for a span of forty-one years.
    Over the course of several decades she has meticulously compiled several journals; depicting Their journey across the globe; prior to, during her family’s Brazilian experience, and beyond. Much of these recordings have been transcribed in “Latvia’s Faithful Son”
    Currently, Astrida utilizes her God-endowed seamstress talents in her Ministry. As a Vitas Hospice volunteer, she brings solace to Bereaved families, providing consolation and hope only the inimitable comfort her custom-crafted ‘memorial’ Bears can supply.
    Married, and living in Texas USA., she and her husband parent a blended family comprised of five adult children, and eight grand-children.

  • Living a Second Chance

    A Story of Survival

    Fred grew up in the city with not a lot of money. As a young man he survived a terrible accident, only to find himself paralyzed from the neck down and his fiancée dead. But with two children to think of, he couldn’t give in to despair.
    Waking from a months-long coma, he endured many surgeries and much physical therapy, went into a nursing home, and learned everyday living all over again. Breathing, talking, eating, drinking, and sitting up in a chair. Through all the hard work, pain, and humiliation, he fought for a second chance at life. It was all worth it to be with his family.

    Fredrick Sipe was born in Charlottesville, Virginia in 1976. He is a quadriplegic and lives at home with his mother and two kids. His family overcame a lot of tragedies in their lives. So Fredrick decided to write about his accident, and other things that happened throughout his life.

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  • Memories of My Misadventures

    Peter VanNest grew up in a religious and somewhat dysfunctional family during World War II. In later life, he recalls some of the incidents from his late elementary and junior high years, reflecting on how he seemed to have a penchant for getting into trouble. His talent for innocently blundering into misadventure is both amusing and thought-provoking. He ruminates about religion, shares his curiosity about sex, gets into trouble with the family car, and acts out his fascination with fire. Each of the 15 stories, which are recounted with humor and sensitivity, will take you back to your own early years, and make you grateful that you survived your youthful indiscretions.

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