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  • Unraveling the Mahler Enigma: A Lost Insight

    Intended for lovers of the arts, this “big think” book engages the dynamic of culture and the creative mind. It unravels, layer by layer, misconceptions about Gustav Mahler.

    Early in the 1970s Franz Loschnigg realized that a myth was developing around Mahler based on the assumptions of Henri de la Grange. Rather than accepting this work as definitive, the author turned to unique sources the contemporary writers and poets of fin de siècle Vienna and the mid-20th century sciences of cultural anthropology and social psychology, as well as the author’s own familiarity with Vienna. With a synthesis of disciplines, he revealed the illusions of an established narrative around Mahler, upon which decades of research are based.

    Something like a work of investigative reporting, this is an inquiry into the dynamic of artist and culture: Mahler embedded in his culture, deconstructing notions of his childhood, with marvelous stories of ordinary life in imperial Vienna, a surprising critique of the Conservatory’s composition training, and his subsequent breaking free to become a singular creative mind.

    Author Bio

    Born in 1929 into Old Austria, fluent in six languages, broadly educated in the European humanist tradition, and with a background of vast cross-disciplinary reading, this was an author whose understanding opened to deeper issues of mind and spirit. No ordinary thinker, Franz Loschnigg pursued the crux of the Mahler mystery.

    Franz Loschnigg was a graduate first of the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst in 1966 and then in music history and theory at the University of Wisconsin School of Music in 1976. Here he encountered the Mahler myth, and his curiosity compelled further inquiry.

    Always conscious of the larger picture, this independent scholar did advanced study in fields as diverse as the phenomenology of music, cultural history, physics, literature and mythology, and the newer sciences of social psychology and cultural anthropology. Unraveling the Mahler Enigma was the first of a planned four-volume study of Mahler within the culture and myth of Western music. When he saw the direction and weight of conventional Mahler research however, he decided not to struggle against it. His research and writing continued until his death in 2011.

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  • Untrained Psychic

    This book is about a clairvoyant who uses his powers and that of professional psychics to transform a corrupt, abusive workplace. His Uncle George would actually communicate from the Other Side as to what the supervisors were planning. Harry Barok also utilized ESP and holistic health, plus traditional medicine, to conquer bladder cancer. This is a journey of spiritual and personal growth, but with a very psychic bent. It’s also a tale of inspiration, faith, and belief in overcoming tremendous adversity. This reading inspires one to contemplate life’s destiny and purpose.

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  • Victory Stolen: The Perspectives of a Helicopter Pilot on the Tet Offensive and Its Aftermath

    David Earl Henard received his commission as a second lieutenant signal officer in the US Army upon his graduation from the University of Missouri of Rolla with a BS in electrical engineering in August 1965. His service as a helicopter pilot with the 25th Aviation Battalion, 25th Infantry Division in Vietnam began in July 1967 and ended in June 1968. After a nine-month assignment near Warrington, England, as the aviation detachment commander and battalion signal officer, when he married Gail, he began civilian life as a graduate assistant and student at the University of Illinois. His work there led him into computer programming and systems development, leading to an assignment as the assistant director for systems development at the University of Illinois, Urbana. He received a Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering in June, 1971. He was hired as the computer services director at Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, Illinois, beginning in 1980. He retired from EIU as the associate vice president for information technology services in 2000 to join his wife Gail as a part-time missionary and as a stock trader. The two have served in various humanitarian jobs in Scotland; Juarez, Mexico; and Central Asia.

    This is his story about the Tet Offensive, where the 25th Infantry Division was heavily involved in the defense of Saigon. He includes some Vietnam history leading to the Tet Offensive and some researched insights on the press coverage that heavily influenced the ultimate outcome.

    Author Bio

    This is his story about the Tet Offensive, where the 25th Infantry Division was heavily involved in the defense of Saigon. He includes some Vietnam history leading to the Tet Offensive and some researched insights on the press coverage that heavily influenced the ultimate outcome.

  • What Christians Missed in Sunday School and the Others Missed by Not Going: Christian vs. New Thought

    It is very common in Christian evangelical circles to hear criticism of New Thought new age ideas as both wrong and demonic even. In New Thought circles, it is also common to think and hear that the Bible is a myth book and Jesus was only a great teacher or ascended master etc. Both groups would be helped if they listened to each other and see what is true and not true without judging having never listened to each other. The author has taken three years of his time to listen to New Thought teaching having been trained in Evangelical schools and attended those types of churches all his life. He is best able to put the two together in a helpful way to understand both.

    We are making new discoveries in Mind, body, spirit connection. The best understanding, we have is from those who in the past were geniuses and pioneers in this area of energy, vibration and frequency. He brings in both Swedenborg the genius mystic and Tesla who was the greatest mind of the last century so said Einstein.

    Having six months to live in 2002 nearly dying from Cancer and 15 years later being told he is in the top 3% of health for men his age, this quest took on a personal journey which is told in story form in exciting detail. How we process our journey of life is more important than anything else about living. People who live each day in anger, fear and stress need to read this book.


    About the Author:

    Timothy Sauder is Canadian and has travelled extensively in North America including Alaska and Hawaii. He has been in Asia visiting China, Cambodia every year, Laos, Indonesia and Thailand. He is in the top 2% on trip adviser as a world class traveler. He drove through Central America lived in Panama and Korea. Presently he lives in Phoenix Arizona with his wife Susan. His background studies are in Theology, Biblical literature where he holds a BA degree and has post graduate degrees in Education and in the History of Christian Doctrine. He is a scholar in Ancient history focusing on the pre-flood civilization evidences which appear around the world.

    Having gone to a Science Mind Church in Phoenix for three years he has a good grasp of the thinking of New Thought people and their message. Having been in many evangelical groups and churches including Campus Crusade for Christ, Youth With a Mission and Maranatha Ministries he knows the thinking of most Christians and their theology. It is with this in mind that this book was written, putting the strengths and weaknesses of Christian and New Thought or positive thinking groups together. This book is also written to the one million who are leaving the church each year in order to take a second look at what they believe.

    He and his wife are members of First Chinese Baptist church in Phoenix Arizona which is part of the Southern Baptist convention.

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  • Where’s Margaret: A Soul Searching Adventure

    There are many times in our lives when we feel out of touch or a little lost and cannot figure out the reasons. “Where’s Margaret” is a story or adventure in finding and discovering those reasons. Perhaps in this story you will find a little of yourself and if you are in the predicament I found myself in will find the answers.

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