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  • BusiWord: Business World

    “An incredible creative work! If you believe that learning finance has to be dry and boring, this book will change your mind with its creative spin on key concepts.”

    Aswath Damodaran, Professor of Finance at the Stern School of
    Business at New York University

    “The author wrote an innovative workbook on financial management combining deep financial knowledge with an entertaining method of training”

    Prof. Dr. Dr. Dietmar Ernst, CFM

    “Very creative, and the puzzles are a fun way to learn or reinforce accounting and finance terms and topics!”

    Jeff Thomson, CMA, CAE, Presisent and CEO IMA®

    BusiWord includes major 350 business terms, concepts, models, and formulas in the accounting, finance, investment, management, economics, and marketing fields. The purpose of this book is to learn or assess your information while you are enjoying solving crossword puzzles. It is a fruitful use of time! A book in your bag everywhere! It can be on the road, at the airport, in the office, or at home. It can be solved in private, with your colleague, or within a group.

  • Christian Investing

    This book gives insight into the how you and your orginization can reap great rewards by helping others. We all enjoy giving for a good reason and there is a certain sense of pride felt when one can see the results. But the greatest rewards or from profits for you the individual and or your group. Find a way to make a profit while showing love for others, especially in their time of need.

  • Committed We Stand

    In business, failure should not be an option.

    The gap between the Boomers, the Generation X, and the Millennials is widening every day. Essential top spots for qualified candidates are becoming scarce. Every time a young professional on the succession plan quits, it would take years to replace them. And those who are at the older end of the scale may not have years to complete the plan. So, when a company fails to prepare a proper succession plan, then it might die a slow and silent death.

    That’s why Vicki Shultz is here to help with her practical book on how to stop your best new talents from walking away. With her pragmatic approach to success, this book is a handy guide toward one’s goals.

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  • Dissecting the Big Business of College

    Pursuing the college process should reflect the process of buying a home where buyers are savvy to the interests of sellers. But that’s not often the case with parents navigating the college process. Rather, they typically remain uninformed and vulnerable to the college interests. Colleges know this about parents and will exploit their weaknesses costing them thousands of college dollars.

    Dissecting the Big Business of College reveals the business model of the college and brings it to the forefront of your attention. While this book exposes colleges interests, it more so exposes parent’s weak tendencies. This book teaches parents the college perspective and how they get what they want from you—money. We give you our Top 10 Strategies that’s proven for saving thousands on college costs. You will advance from position of weakness to position of strength in dealing with colleges. Winning the college game requires understanding the college perspective. We deliver that to you right here!

    Author Bio:

    Hans J. Hanson is a national college advisor, having spent over fifteen years helping students win admissions, athletes play college sports, and parents save thousands on college costs. He is the Founder of CollegeLogic, a college advising service to students, athletes, and parents providing guidance and direction for getting college right in a complicated environment. He is the Founder of GetCollegeRight.com, an online platform for winning admissions, earning scholarships, being recruited, and saving college costs. Hans is an accomplished speaker, author, and expert advisor having worked with hundreds of college-bound families and spoken in front of over 20,000 people. Hans is proud to wake up every morning to the awesome responsibility of helping young people achieve their goals for college and life thereafter.

  • Don’t Forget Your Keys: Each Key Holds the Power to Your Career Advancement

    You are being evaluated on factors that go beyond your technical abilities, personality or past performance. To get through certain doors, you need to know how to communicate and perform confidently in any situation.

    Barbara B. Bergstrom, a recognized authority on executive presence and international protocol, knows how to succeed. Every week, business executives throughout the country read her syndicated column, “Executive Etiquette,” to gain advantages over their competitors. Now you can also benefit from her insider knowledge.

    Get ready to discover:

    • Why doors only open for some people
    • How to determine the right thing to say
    • Leadership-building techniques
    • The power of professional packaging
    • And most importantly – how to acquire the right keys

    You choose your behavior so you determine the consequences. Make a conscious decision to join the successful people who are unlocking doors. It’s as simple as knowing how to stand out from the competition and do the right things.

  • Million Dollar MLM Shortcut

    Jay Noland is known as the “Multi-Million Dollar Creator” in the MLM Industry. Starting in the industry 20 years ago, he's built sales organizations of approximately 500,000 distributors and millions of customers globally in over 50 countries. Jay has a very diverse background ranging from Professional Baseball, Mortgage Banking and Brokering, and Real Estate investing. His passion however is in developing strong people, and the MLM Industry allows him to do just that.

    Currently, Jay travels the world focusing on his passion of mentoring, speaking, and training those who want maximum results in the fastest time possible.

    Jay's leadership skills have been proven time and time again in many successful companies that he has developed.

    Jay can be followed at:


  • Million Dollar MLM Shortcut (Revised Edition)

    Introducing a Legend in our Industry, Mr. Jay Noland. He began his career in Network Marketing in 1995. He’s built multiple massive sales organizations that span in several different countries. Mr. Noland is known throughout the industry as a Master Trainer. He has helped thousands of people reach their highest heights in personal development.

    He is also known across the globe for his gift in motivational speaking. Mr. Noland has spoken at massive events in front of people from all walks of life. He has impacted the masses in such a highly positive manner. Personal Growth Training is a great passion of Mr. Noland and he considers it’s an honor and a privilege.

    Mr. Noland spent several years in the Mortgage Banking and Brokerage arena as well, managing and developing a multi-million dollar team. He is well versed in the world of business. He has generated and produced several millions of dollars in major business ventures.

    His Leadership skills have been proven time and time again in many successful companies that he has been a part of. Mr. Noland understands and embraces the concept of what a true leader is. He has illustrated his ability to get in the trenches with the people, producing results at times that reach further than most ever dreamed.

    Mr. Noland has taken a strong position in life by standing for truth and integrity without wavering. His passion is in the relationships he builds with people. Once you get an opportunity to spend personal time with him, you will be impacted in a positive way.

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