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  • Donald Hord - Shortcut and Friends

    Shortcut and Friends: Australian Outback Adventure

    This is a story about Shortcut, a young Aboriginal boy, who lives in the Outback of Australia with his animal friends.

    The Aborigines are native people of Australia who live off the land, hunting wild animals, different plants and roots.

  • jessie-front


    Skippy and his friend Chester are the main characters in this imaginary story about ants and humans, who have the ability to communicate with each other. Skippy is the main scout in the ant family, and Chester is also a scout in his family. The ant family tells the human family about several termite families that are living in their home. The termites are thrown out of the humans’ home, and they blame the ants. The termites form a bad gang, and they force some bad ants to join them.

    They come back and terrorize the humans and good ants. The humans blame Skippy’s family. Skippy and Chester join a good gang to help Skippy clear his family’s name.

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  • Squirrelly the Squirrel and Starlett

    Squirrelly the Squirrel and Starlett

    On Oak Spring Road there is an old log cabin, Woodchuck Lodge, nestled in five and a half acres of wooded land in a suburb north of Chicago. Many animals and birds make their homes in the trees, plants, and grass surrounding the cabin. One of these creatures is Squirrelly, a hardworking squirrel who enjoys life to the fullest and embraces new challenges and experiences. And then one day he meets Starlett, the love of his life, and his life becomes even more exciting! This delightfully illustrated book follows the adventures of Squirrelly and Starlett and their little family. It’s a story that’s sure to warm the hearts of readers young and old.

    About the author:

    Larry Friend lives in Libertyville, Illinois. He is a firm believer that the study of nature leds to better understanding of life. Sidney “Mindy” Makis lives in Boca Raton, Florida. She is a registered nurse and a talented illustrator. Squirrelly the Squirrel and Starlett is the second book from this brother and sister team; their first book, Icy the Iceberg.

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    Suzie Slither’s Woods

         Four adventure stories about the curious little farm snake, Suzie Slither, and her woodland friends, who all have to work together to help each other survive in the woods of Missouri.

         These stories help teach young children the values of friendship, responsibility for their own actions, and acceptance of others who are different from themselves.

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  • tambo_front

    TAMBO: An Elephant Adventure

    In the deep, dark jungle, a baby elephant is born, and her mother names her Tambo. Her large, loving family watches over her and keeps her safe.
    But one day, Tambo wanders away from her herd. An adventurous sort, she follows a beautiful butterfly through the jungle. Tambo realizes she is lost and tries to find her way home. Suddenly, she steps on a twig and finds herself caught deep in a poacher’s trap.
    As Tambo cries for help, two village children discover the elephant in the trap. They run to the village to get help. Tambo is so happy to be free and back home with her herd. She and the children will always be special friends.

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  • Teddy Get Off that Mountain

    Teddy Get Off that Mountain

    Just as I bent over to gather the corn, a burst of wind caught the door shut with a loud bang!” It’s a cold spring day as Kory heads out to give Teddy, his beloved miniature horse, and his friends a snack. Read along to find out how Kory and Pancake, the big orange cat, turn this simple chore into a humorous fun-filled adventure.

    Author Bio

    I’m a wife, mother, and a grandmother, which I’m very happy to be. I enjoy writing to uplift and inspire. I love writing for kids with fun and adventure especially about the adventures we’ve had with raising many miniature horses and animals. Angel, And Love Came Down is my first book recently published in December 2014.

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  • the-3-little-swallows-front

    The 3 Little Swallows

    The book documents through a series of photos a pair of barn swallows that built a nest in the rafters of the author’s home. It shows the stages of the birds’ “family life” not unlike that of humans’, only it occurred at a much shortened time. The birth of his first grandchild inspired the idea for this story which relates in part to nature’s cycle of life. This book is dedicated to his grandson, John-John.

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  • Barnie Slice - The Adventures of Willy Waterdrop

    The Adventures of Willy Waterdrop

    The story of The Adventures of Willy Waterdrop is the story of water and its cycles from oozing out of a rock face on the side of a mountain to its journey down the creeks, lakes and rivers to the sea. The setting takes place in a southern state and follows from the mountains through the midlands and low country as the story unfolds. Willy meets another female water drop names Wanda and they become instant best friends. Their journey together down the creeks, lakes and rivers to the sea and beyond is filled with many exciting incidents. The colorful descriptions and illustrations carry one along on their journey with much mystery and excitement around every bend of the river. They encounter many new creatures and finally man as they make their journey to the sea. What happens to them as they pass through a large city points out the truths of what is happening in many waterways across the country. The story is not only interesting but informative and tells about the delicate balances of nature and clean water in the world around us. May all who read these adventures learn about the world of water and have a new respect for the water ways of all of our states, country and world.

    About the author:

    Although Barnie’s talents lie in the art world, he has always had a passion for writing. When he was very young, he hand wrote long letters to his grandmother, aunts and uncles and this carried on through the use of typewriters, word processor and finally, computer. Barnie writes mostly about his life experiences, which is very colorful. Losing his mother at age seven caused him to grow up early and the hardships gave him the character and experiences to fill many volumes of stories. He likes to incorporate his childhood memories into the characters of his
    books. Barnie enjoys illustrating his own books and takes great pleasure in writing new adventures with his characters. His cartoon work has been in several magazines and newspapers in his southern state. There are many books in his head and, God willing, he plans to get them all in print. Barnie resides with his wife by the sea near Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

  • mariam-front

    The Clock

    The Clock tells the story of twin brother and sister, Stella and Stephan. Very beautiful, kind and intelligent, they live on the edge of a big city. From when they were small children they could never wake up on time. Their parents tried hard to help them, but nothing ever worked.

    Reluctantly, Stella and Stephan leave school and stay home. They wake up at 2 p.m. and have a meal at 3 p.m. Stella cleans and cooks while her brother does outdoor work. They are hardworking kids.

    One day the twins decide to get a job. But no one helps them. Finally, from the next village, one nice man gives them a job. Martin, their boss, is happy with them. But they are not happy. One beautiful day, Stella meets an old woman. She shows her respect to the woman when the woman asks for a cup of water. The woman offers to help them find the happiness they long for.

    A magical Prince and Princess appear in the twins’ lives and lead them towards an awareness of time and its role in their quest for happiness. The love of Martin and the twins for the Prince and Princess makes them come alive again.

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    This is my first children’s book, but it will not be my last.

    I love writing children’s books. It is not the first time my cats have done miraculous feats.

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