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  • The Adventures of Willy Waterdrop

    The story of The Adventures of Willy Waterdrop is the story of water and its cycles from oozing out of a rock face on the side of a mountain to its journey down the creeks, lakes and rivers to the sea. The setting takes place in a southern state and follows from the mountains through the midlands and low country as the story unfolds. Willy meets another female water drop names Wanda and they become instant best friends. Their journey together down the creeks, lakes and rivers to the sea and beyond is filled with many exciting incidents. The colorful descriptions and illustrations carry one along on their journey with much mystery and excitement around every bend of the river. They encounter many new creatures and finally man as they make their journey to the sea. What happens to them as they pass through a large city points out the truths of what is happening in many waterways across the country. The story is not only interesting but informative and tells about the delicate balances of nature and clean water in the world around us. May all who read these adventures learn about the world of water and have a new respect for the water ways of all of our states, country and world.

    About the author:

    Although Barnie’s talents lie in the art world, he has always had a passion for writing. When he was very young, he hand wrote long letters to his grandmother, aunts and uncles and this carried on through the use of typewriters, word processor and finally, computer. Barnie writes mostly about his life experiences, which is very colorful. Losing his mother at age seven caused him to grow up early and the hardships gave him the character and experiences to fill many volumes of stories. He likes to incorporate his childhood memories into the characters of his
    books. Barnie enjoys illustrating his own books and takes great pleasure in writing new adventures with his characters. His cartoon work has been in several magazines and newspapers in his southern state. There are many books in his head and, God willing, he plans to get them all in print. Barnie resides with his wife by the sea near Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

  • The Alphabet

    • Are you a parent or teacher struggling to teach the alphabet?
    • Does your student reverse letters or think letters look and sound the same?
    • Is your ESL student confused by the differences in their native language and English?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, The Alphabet Learned Quickly and Easily can help.

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  • The Collected Works of Alfred B. Porter: Volume I: These are the stories you wished your parents and grandparents read to you.

    The Lady Liberty Mystery

    Great book that really fills you with hope about how the future can go. And I think at this particular point in time in the US and around the world, we all need something to give us hope in a better future for humanity.

    The Lady Liberty Mystery is an interesting read. It is very fast paced story revolving around the statue of liberty. I love how this book combines elements of politics and metaphysics/spirituality into a really unique and creative story.

    Alfred Porter in this book shows we can create a better world in the spirit of love and togetherness as demonstrated by the major characters in the book.

    About the author:

    Alfred B. Porter is a Los Angeles-based professor, former journalist, author, public speaker, seminar leader and personal growth coach. He brings a wealth of cultural experiences and intellectual pursuits to his primary discipline as an instructor at more than a dozen colleges and universities. For over the past 25 years, he has touched people across the globe. He is a man so enchanted by life. He has held faculty positions at the likes of UCLA, Pepperdine University, the University of Puerto Rico, Northrop University and several colleges of the Los Angeles City College District.

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  • The Garden in the Hood

    The author begins this tale by taking us to this garden in the spring and carries us through each season to the closing in winter. The author describes for us the lush beauty of this garden uncommonly found among the debris of rural life and gives us a delightful feeling of actually being there as the flowers, birds, sky, and breeze are all given vivid descriptions which rival the most luxurious gardens of country landscapes. Playful animals are seen to frequent this garden during spring and summer months and each fills the author’s pen with its activity.

    About the author

    Rebecca Crosdale was born on the island of Jamaica. She later immigrated to England and then to America where she now resides. She graduated from Stony University with a BA degree. Currently, she works as a Medicaid Service Coordinator, advocating for people with intellectual disabilities.
    Rebecca has cultivated an enviable work ethic and has combined her love for helping people with her love for writing. She writes stories about courage, friendship, trust, strength, life, differences and understanding.

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  • The Little Alligator with Orange Feet

    The Little Alligator with Orange Feet is about an alligator name Sabastian. Sabastian got teased by his two siblings because of his orange feet. One day Sabastian got so upset about being made fun of and ran off deep into the murky swamp. It was beginning to get dark and on top of that; Sabastian was lost. A bird name Mr. Robin saw Sabastian and asked him if he were lost. Mr. Robin has a blue beak and he knew how it felt to be teased because you looked different. Mr. Robin took Sabastian under his wings and began telling him how he got pass his blue beak.

    As Sabastian and Mr. Robin headed back towards Sabastian’s house, Mr. Robin knew deep down inside Sabastian had learned a valuable lesson that day. Let’s turn the book over to see if Sabastian’s brother and sister learned a lesson that day also. This imaginative story is about being different that others and embracing who you are. It’s perfect for any young reader anytime of the year. Stay tuned and see!

    Chentell Merriman is married to Anthony Merriman. They have five loving children and reside in Texas. Three children are in college, and two are still in school.

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  • The MAGICAL LAND of SCOTWALEND and The Crusade for Knowledge

    Prince Kai, Prince Daron and Peter  now young knights have left the Highland Monastery embarking on a new adventure facing unknown danger as they search for the Tree of Knowledge .

  • The Witch That Almost Didn’t

    This is a story about a witch who doesn’t know how to fly. “I can’t, I can’t. I know I can’t. I wouldn’t even try. I couldn’t and I know I wouldn’t Ever learn to fly.”

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  • The World to be Explored

    If you see the door is closed,

    Don’t rush in hard-nosed.

    It’s not a good idea to walk,

    ‘Till on the door you knock…

    Then maybe, knock again,

    But, please, wait to hear, “come in”.

    B. Michele Stone c. 2007

    This book is about things that a small child would find behind the various doors they would walk through in life.

    It is a poetry book.

    All the illustrations have been done by her friend’s 14-year-old daughter, Rachel Huff.

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  • Winter Riddles

    I started to write riddles for my little daughter Sasha, when she started to ski. She was 3. I had fun rhyming and playing words. Sasha and my older kids were helping me with rhymes and sometimes with my language problems, corrected me.

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