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  • Heirs of Abraham

    More than ever before, we learn about today’s Middle Eastern wars as the animosity between the Arab world and Israel escalates. “Will there ever be peace?” everyone asks.

    Attempting to answer that question, Heirs of Abraham is a historical family saga stretching over a time span of almost four thousand years. Starting in 1948 when the State of Israel was founded and ending with terror in Jerusalem in modern times, it follows the lives of the Biblical nomad Abraham, who is the foundation of the world’s three great religions – Islam, Judaism and, indirectly, Christianity – and his two sons. There is Ishmael, born of an Egyptian slave whose descendants are today’s Arabs. And there is Isaac, son of Abraham’s beloved wife and the Jews’ patriarch.

    Set against the backdrops of Ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt and Israel – of wars and famines, goat-haired tents and kings’ palaces – this is the story of real people whose actions will have an everlasting effect on all future generations and worlds.

    Following faithfully the Holy Bible’s accounting in Genesis, we meet Abraham, who struggles with faith, power, love and cowardice. And his women – Sarah, the wife and Hagar, the slave – whose love for him and hatred for each other never die. Finally, there are the two brothers’ descendants who have been pitted against each other for thousands of years in the age old battle for survival and “the land”.

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  • Her Dream Restored

    Because of a tragedy in her past, Tori can’t have children and has decided never to marry. She has settled in Kingsland Crossing as an owner of a bookstore. At a bachelor’s auction she met someone who has reawakened her long dead desires. Will he, also, restore her dreams?

    About the author:

    The author, Alyss Morgan, lives in Vilonia, Arkansas. She lives with her husband of 47 years and her cocker Spaniels and cats. She lives in the peace and quiet of the country and loves it. She is a devoted reader of fiction.

  • Hidden Secrets

    Lita has spent many years as a Latino servant for the Logans, an up-scale American family. She has watched the children grow up and loves them dearly. Her own son was sent to college by the family she serves.

    Lita prays daily for the Logan children and watched with anguish as they confront the various vices and problems confronting young people in the USA today. She wishes that the parents could realize how skillfully their children are hiding secrets from them. Not daring to interfere, Lita does what she can to help her charges survive the woes of contemporary youth today.

    Author Bio

    Dr. Thomas Berry is a retired Professor of Russian Language and Literature. He lectures for John Hopkins University, the Smithsonian Institution, the Russian Cultural Center of the Russian Embassy in Washington D.C. and on numerous international cruise lines. He received a “Gramata” from the Russian government for enhancement of relations with that country and the USA. He has published eleven academic books and eight novels. He has traveled extensively all over the globe. His webs: www.amazon-thomasberry.com and sbprabooks.com/thomasberry

    Cover Design by James Berry

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  • High Jinks in High Places

    A story of murder, espionage, and terrorism comes together when private investigator, Jordan Anderson teams up with Senate oversight committee investigator, George Kilburn to discover how and why a highly classified, early warning security system that was being shipped from the Arlington, Virginia warehouse of the Kingman Corporation to their warehouse in Seattle, Washington for testing, ends up in Afghanistan. The sudden death, thought to be caused by a massive heart attack, of the Arlington warehouse disbursement officer further complicates the puzzle when it is found that the death was actually a highly unusual and well-planned murder that was essential in carrying out the deception. The two investigators also discover that they make quite a team in more ways than one.

    About the author:

    Ruth Barrett was born in New York and raised in Georgia. As an adult, her work with the federal government brought her to Virginia where she has lived for more than thirty years.

  • Hypomnemata: Stories, Fables, Memories

    A collection of fictional stories, dreams, visions, word plays, metaphors, and personal memories about the human predicament, accumulated over the span of a lifetime in various locations throughout the world, by an interested explorer who enjoys a good laugh whenever circumstances permit.

    About the author:

    Ken Symington was born in Cuba of English and Cuban parentage, where he lived until he moved to the United States to attend college at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York, where he graduated with a Chemical Engineering degree and went to do graduate work in other institutions. He worked for many years in several major American corporations as a corporate executive in national and international operations. After retirement, he owned and operated several small businesses. His credits include two books translated from Spanish into English and published in the USA. He lives in Sierra Madre, California, in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, and is interested in close friends, plants, ethnobotany, animals, music, and books.


    Written from the viewpoint of the person missed, I Miss You provides a simple way to deal with separation, loneliness, and the more challenging moments of normal, emotional development~ it’s all about facing life’s various “hand-outs” with a healthier perspective.

    Author Bio

    Susan M. Bagay is an alumna of Duquesne University, and resides in Washington, PA. A veteran teacher, with Science, Math and the Arts concentration in the upper grades, she has extended her creative expertise into and beyond the educational setting in the form of plays, choreography, short stories, poetry, art, and continues to inspire with her unique style of imaginative, heart-to-soul expression.

  • I Will Survive

    Amy Parker must overcome the greatest of all obstacles: the sudden death of her husband. For ¬five years theirs was a wonderful marriage; now she is a single mom. Along with sorrow, there is anger. How could Mitch leave her like this? Now she has to work three jobs to make ends meet for her and her son, Taylor. She makes herself one promise: I Will Survive.

    Then Russell Watson comes into her life. Will her arrangement with him be yet another obstacle in her life?

  • Journey Into Darkness: a Story in Four Parts (2nd Edition) Full Color

    In a war in which more than a quarter million boys age seventeen and under fought in the opposing armies, Journey Into Darkness, a researched blend of fact and fiction, is about a young boy in the Civil War. Written specially for students, enjoyed by adults as well, it takes the student reader into the events of the war through the experience of a peer.

    Originally published in four books at the request of a young reader on behalf of others who don’t like thick books.

    “This would be an excellent resource for middle school American history classes, giving a boy’s-eye view of the Civil War and reminding students that kids their own age were caught up in active duty during the war.” – Blue Ink Review

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  • Kingdoms and Empire: Dark Rage

    In a universe where magic and science exist, two nations battle for dominance. The Utopian Kingdom ruled by the beautiful and wise Princess Asora, and the Darkcon Empire ruled by the cunning and sensuous Queen Laxur. War has broken out between these two nations. Queen Laxur seeks the ultimate magical power, while her little sister Princess Asora hopes that new technology with magic can defeat her mad sister and her wicked empire.

    As Princess Asora battles her enemies outside the Utopian Kingdom, forces within her own kingdom conspire against her and her revolutionary idea’s to change the kingdom and it’s ways. The Utopian Kingdom is degrading, and Asora is trying to initiate change that can save it from stagnation and extinction.

    There are also other forces out there that threaten the Utopian Kingdom as well.

    Powerful ancient forces will also waken to wreak havoc on both sides.

    About the author:

    Well I’m a Navy veteran, and I now work in the aerospace manufacturing business. I’m an automation technician and I live near Seattle, WA. I started work on the Kingdoms and Empires series back in 2001 while I was still in high school. I wanted to make a crossover between traditional fairy tale fantasies and contemporary science fiction. I took my two favorite story books from the time (Hans Christian Andersen’s the Little Mermaid, and Tom Clancy’s Hunt for the Red October) and practices merging them. This was the genesis for what would eventually become Kingdoms and Empires.

    Through the years, the Author and his wife of sixty years have enjoyed traveling to many parts of the world. They reside in the cattle ranching country of north central Texas. The Briney’s have five adult grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

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  • Kinsman Redeemer

    A promise pact written on parchment was made between the Englishman Lord Harold of Rockhaven Castle and Kormac the Dane. But the parchment was stolen and altered. When King Svein Forkbeard arrives at Rockhaven in the spring of 1013 with that parchment he claims to be the recipient of the promises.
    Wiley,13, alias Son of Nobody, is recognized by two Danish strangers. The parchment disappears again and Wiley flees for his life. Aided by an alchemist with Greek Fire, Thoren the Viking, a dwarf named Toadskin plus Forkbeard's son Knute, 17, Wiley learns his history and gains insight into God's foreknowledge.

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