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  • Oh, I Just Got It From the Top: Hearing from Heaven

    Did you ever wonder what was actually going on in the mind of little one who is growing inside? What you hear will be revealing and informative from the perspective of the one on the inside. You will find out that everything that happens on the outside effects the one growing on the inside. There really is a lot of life going on in this little one‛s temporary living space. You will have the opportunity to be a part of this unfolding journey. And you will come to understand just how exciting life is at the beginning from an insiders‛ point of view. Come with me and listen in on the conversation of a little one in the womb from the beginning.

    Author Bio

    Helen Anderson Baffuto is an author who has an inspirational gift for storytelling. Her first book is titled, SHE IS A PEARL OF GREAT PRICE. This is her second published book. She is currently working on her next book. She resides in New York with her husband.

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  • Princess Anissah and The Dark Queen

    In a beautiful kingdom where the king, his daughter, and their people live in peace, there is nothing else that is missing except for one thing: a queen. But when the loving queen the king marries turns out to be an evil witch, the once harmonious kingdom is besieged with hunger and sadness following the king’s mysterious death. The kingdom’s brave men want only one thing: to save the princess from the hands of the queen. But little do they know of the secrets they will uncover and the allies they will discover as they execute their plans to prevent the dark queen’s reign.

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  • Rainbow, Rainbow, What do you know?

    Ever wonder what it feels like to see everything from above the world through the eyes of a rainbow? It’s time to revel in the beauty that surrounds you. Take a journey of self-discovery, and see.

  • Rami Chases the Elk

    This is the second book about Rami the wolf. Rami devoted her life to teaching the public across the country to respect and appreciate the wolf and its value to a healthy ecosystem. Though she is no longer with us, the story is told from her perspective as she teaches the lessons learned through the recovery of an ecosystem. The reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone National Park reversed the deteriorating forest through a process called the Trophic Cascade. Rami’s story tells how it happened and reveals the value of wolves to our wilderness areas.

  • Rise up: Growth of Women’s Sports, Officiating Basketball, Living with a Chronic Illness

    Rising up is not as easy to do as we think it is. This entitles us to do the things that we are meant to do. It's about overcoming the weakness in woman's basketball officiating. This also help us to figure out what to do when you have a chronic illness and how to succeed. As I rose up to do all the things that I could do I had obstacles to face. From the beginning of the challenges in officiating, to the things that I rose up to do through my Years of Living. To working as staff at Major League Sports too fighting Multiple Sclerosis. I live the life of coming in and out of health obstacles and how to deal with what I was handed. I enjoyed every step of the way even though it was a fight to succeed. This book is about everything that came along the way that I had to rise up to do.

    About the author:

    Dana Senders is a 60 year-old woman, currently struggling with the debilitating effects of multiple sclerosis (MS). Dana, with the urging of those dear to her, shares how she lived an active life before MS, during early onset of the disease and now, as MS effects every moment of her life.

    Dana was a business woman, an NCAA Women’s Basketball regular season/tournament referee, owner/ Director of a successful Officiating Camp and Coordinator of Women’s Basketball Officiating in the West Coast Conference. Dana impacted the lives of hundreds of individuals pre-MS and during the last 10 years as this disease changed the course of her life as she knew it.

    Reading this book will effect how you view yourself. Whether you are healthy or yet unaware of your physical well-being.

    Dana made a difference in everything she was associated with… pre and post MS.

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  • Sweet Sweet Addiction: Pain and Pleasure of a Tennis Playing Family

    Sweet, Sweet Addiction relates the story of a family man driven by his passion to learn tennis at an age when most professional players retire. George Newton is age 33 when he finds the game. He plunges into the sport and pursues it as if he is addicted. He dealt with the duplicity of balancing tennis practice against the demands of domestic and professional life.

    The story unfolds a progressive development of this tennis family. The Senior Newton advanced through years of competition to National and International Levels. His wife, Rossana evolved to become his main cheerleader, scorer-keeper and “coach”. His sons Geoff and Greg obtained Athletic University Scholarships.

    The book concludes with the author changing careers from Education to Sports. Newton follows his passion and becomes a Certified Instructor. Consequently, he motivates hundreds of players to enjoy the sport. The book appeals to adults (no matter how old), to pursue their passion aggressively and live a fulfilled life.

  • The Colors I Feel

    Emotions are complicated to explain, especially to a child. But with The Colors I Feel, there’s now a fun way to help your children discover, identify, and personify their own emotions. So what color are you feeling today?

  • The Hermit and the Time Machine by Richard J. Ward

    The Hermit and the Time Machine

    Try to imagine the future…without humans.

    Well, that is what Jade and Gilbert have seen as they traveled to the future world inhabited by robots.

    What do you think will happen to the world? Or better yet, what do you think will happen to Jade and Gilbert as they travel through time?

  • The Inside Secrets to Playing College Sports: What Every Mom and Dad Must Know

    The college recruiting success of high school athletes most often falls on the shoulders of their parents. Earning a real college sports playing opportunity depends on what you know, or don’t know.

    The Inside Secrets to Playing College Sports—What Every Mom and Dad Must Know provides parents with the inside secrets and critical knowledge that’s needed to successfully navigate the complex recruiting process. This book teaches parents what they must know in order to manage the college recruiting process effectively, from start to finish. Parents will learn the CollegeLogic Ten Step process that’s proven to deliver desired results.

  • The Legacy of Rami the Wolf

    This is the third book about Rami the wolf. Rami devoted her life to teaching respect and appreciation for the wolf and its value to a healthy ecosystem. She lived where respect for preservation of the environment and conservation of natural resources was highly valued. Though she is no longer with us, the story is told from her perspective, as she might have lived it.

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