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  • The Human Photosynthesis

    The concept of Photosynthesis (building-up something using the Energ of light) is presently applied only to the plants kingdom. However the unraveling of the intrinsic property of melanin to split and re-form the water molecule breaks the paradigm. During a study about the three main causes of blindness initiated in 1990 in Aguascalientes, Mexico; Dr. Solis Herrera found the previously unknown capacity of melanin molecule to absorb photonic energy, dissipating it in a unique manner: splitting the water molecule. The very first step of life in plants and humans is practically the same: the dissociation of the water molecule.

    About the author:

    Dr. Solís Herrera was born in Mexico City in August 19, 1953. He studied medicine at Escuela Superior de Medicina, of the Instituto Politécnico Nacional; Dr. Solís-Herrera also is Ophthalmologist by Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México; Neuro-Ophthalmologist by Instituto Nacional de Neurología y Neurocirugía Dr. Manuel Velazco Suarez; has a Master Degree in Medical Sciences from Universidad Autónoma de Aguascalientes and has a PhD in Pharmacology from Universidad de Guadalajara. Dr. Solís Herrera is Director and Founder of Human Photosynthesis Study Center, since 2009. His discovery of the intrinsic property of melanin to split and re-form the water molecule gradually is gaining the world attention.

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  • The Soy Revolution II: The Soy Renaissance

    This book is the sequel to the industry best selling book the Soy Revolution 1989 published originally by M. Evans Company, New York and subsequently transitioned into paperback by Dell Publishing, Random House in the year 2000. On the one hand, the revolution of the increasing incorporation of soy into Western diets continues but we have seen a clear and established role for soy in the diet. Thus, The Soy Revolution II is a transition to the Soy Renaissance.
    The reader will learn about the health values of soy incorporated into the diet which has been overshadowed somewhat by the use of the genetically modified soybean. This and other controversies are discussed with a certain degree of rebuttal. Soy remains a treasure chest of vital components with far reaching health benefits and it makes ecological sense as recommendation move towards plant protein for health.

    Stephen Holt MD. DSc is a pioneer of Integrative Medicine, best-selling author and medical practitioner in New York State.

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  • Topical Pain Management

    This monograph is a very useful guide for all practicing physicians. It provides a contemporary review of how many different pain medications can be used in the effective induction of topical analgesia. Dr. Holt is an internationally acclaimed expert in Integrative Medicine, and he makes valuable contributions to the important subject of topical pain control. In this overview, the authors teach us that customized options for pain medication provide alternate dosages in topical forms. These medications can be applied directly to the area to be treated. The use of combined formulae may permit the use of medications in localized topical dosage forms with enhanced safety. Synergistic formulations result in an ability to reduce dosages or apply beneficial strength variations. To further summarize matters, one can refer to the relative advantages of topical pain control.

    Topical Versus Oral Benefits Include The Following:

    • Reduction in side effects.
    • Lack of gastrointestinal side effects.
    • Fewer systemic side effects.
    • Localized relief of pain and inflammation.
    • Dose reductions.
    • Reduced addictive potential.
    • Increased adherence/patient compliance.

    Stephen Holt MD. DSc is a pioneer of Integrative Medicine, best-selling author and medical practitioner in New York State.

    www.stephenholtmd.com and The Holt Institute of Medicine.
    Email: drholt@hiom.org

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  • Trafficking

    Have you ever wondered how we age and why we get sick? Trafficking, the third book in a trilogy that includes Hazing Aging and Rejuvenation!, exposes the chronic inflammatory underworld and how it does its dirty business to transform end organ interstitial spaces into a sea of diseases. The book clarifies how this transition is evoked, how it disables the signaling apparatus of the protective capillary cells, and then proceeds to dismantle all of the cells within the interstitial space that capillaries are friendly to. In the end, after mission accomplished, the interstitial space footprint now belongs to chronic inflammation and the anti-organ. In this final apocalypse, capillary cells have long since stopped dancing, and their feedback loop signals to the allied partners have been replaced by rogue influences. White blood cells, cytokines, platelets, and immunoglobulins within the darkened corners of end organ interstitial spaces now belong to chronic inflammation. The interstitial spaces becomes barren and lifeless as we no it. A perfect backdrop for disease venues, pain, fatigue and aging. It is not too long afterword, that the end organ takes a slit to the throat.

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  • Why Pills Can’t Fix Most Ills: Solutions for healthier and happier living

    This book exposes reasons for why the American people are some the most drugged people in the world and how our Health Care system is not entirely fostering health but increased dependency on drugs. Big Pharma plays a gigantic role in the ever increasing statistics of overdose deaths, and drug addictions. Why pills can’t fix most ills… because they are psychological in nature and by addressing the underlying cause, we can most always restore our health. The Holographic Psychology® principles illustrate how people live from three different levels of comprehension, producing three different behaviors, affecting their state of health.

    About the author:

    Margrit Spear holds a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Humanistic Studies in San Diego. She is a California licensed Marriage, Family and Child Counselor, former druggist, researcher, life coach and author of the book: Life-Changing Explosion of Consciousness, Introduction to Holographic Psychology. She is currently president of LACCRS, an independent research group that has vested 50 years in examining the interrelationship between mind, body and spirit. Born in Switzerland, she has a multi-cultural background and enjoys diverse approaches in the field of psychology, philosophy and religion. Professional Experiences include: research and development for the National Institute for Mental Health for the homeless population, the schizophrenics, drug addicts and alcoholics, crisis counselor, academic and psychological counselor for a local college, lecturer for multiple school projects, developed self-esteem program for students and administrators, private practice, owned and operated retail business, staff trainer, artist and poet. Papers have been published for the University of Science and Philosophy, for the Association for Humanistic Psychology and for LACCRS, a non for profit organization established in 1961.

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