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  • Age of Aquarius: Spiritual Reckoning

    This book is a discussion on the Age of Aquarius that has arrived within the past few years. The subjects affects us all. I gave my opinion on what are some characteristics of this Age and Spirituality. The Holy Spirit is present and a new spirituality will emerge from this Age. The changes that this Age will present is the first that we as an intelligent race can document. I know quite a lot about this Age and I explain how that is so.

    About the author:
    I am a Southern lady raised by special people, Sages. I have studied esoteric knowledge, ancient knowledge, and Astrology for some forty plus years. I have also been taught by the worlds best instructors. —Author

  • Asleep in Heaven’s Nursery: Second Edition

    Have you experienced the loss of a child? Tommy Mann felt the grief of losing four children to miscarriages.
    Asleep in Heaven's Nursery includes his personal story and offers comfort, addressing questions like:
    *When is a baby considered life? *Is my baby really in heaven?
    *What will she look like in heaven? *Is there an age of accountability?
    *Is God punishing me?
    *Can I be forgiven for my abortion?
    Each issue is thoroughly addressed and given scriptural and logical support. As one who has found hope picturing his children Asleep in Heaven’s Nursery, Mann brings a powerful message of consolation.

    About the author:

    Tommy Mann is the Pastor of Putman Baptist Church in Buffalo, South Carolina, where he resides with his wife Alicia, and their two children Reagan and TJ. Tommy is a graduate of Arlington Baptist University and the author of eight books, including Asleep in Heaven’s Nursery for Kids. Please visit http://www.tommymannministries.com

  • Bob Ickey Doesn’t Scare Me Anymore

    Always be brave, know who your friends are, and remember you are loved and you will make it through anything.

    Author Bio:

    Jolene is a mother of 2 and a grandmother of 2. She is still living happily with David and still writing, turning her life into poetry and short stories.

  • Confessions of a Substitute Teacher

    Discover the untold stories of being a sub.

    There are many reasons to become a substitute teacher, such as flexible hours, and almost no teaching experience necessary. Substitute teachers also have relatively few non-work responsibilities and the ability to choose the age group of students to teach.

    However, all that may not be the case. In this book by John Barr Jr., personal experiences of a substitute teacher are shared to readers who wish to know more about what it’s like to be a sub to a classroom filled with raucous students.

    Do you think you can be a substitute teacher? Then you might want to check this book out!

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  • Julie Davis Tittenhofer - For the Love of Cancer

    For the Love of Cancer : A Passionate Pursuit to Understand Life, Death, and Spirituality

    Julie Davis-Tittenhofer is a former lawyer, healthcare administration consultant, and seriel entrepreneur. She is also the founder of Inspirit-Widowed Young Support Group, Inc. Having been her husband’s caregiver through a long battle with colon cancer and then losing him in a tragic accident, she has journeyed through life, love, death, grief and spirituality.

    About the author:

    A member of the Georgia Bar Association and the American Bar Association, Julie graduated
    from Mercer University School of Law and went on to practice civil litigation before returning to work in healthcare. Most recently, Julie found a way to combine her love for healthcare with her entrepreneurial spirit and founded Pura Vida Body & Mind Spa, Inc. Despite her busy schedule, Julie continues to give of her time when young widows and widowers call, helping them heal from their grief while simultaneously uncovering their life purpose.

  • Oh How I Love Him

    Oh How I Love Him is an intimate account of Bernadette Smith’s journey through a life saturated with deceit, suffering, hardship, and triumphs. In every turn of the pages and every word you read, you will see strength, wisdom, and courage throughout her words. Bernadette’s experiences emerged as cornerstones and building blocks for her transformation as they became the focal point of her existence in serving God. As you read, may the same strength, wisdom, and courage resonate within you so that you can walk away discovering that your possibilities are infinite as Bernadette did with hers.

    About the author:

    Belinda McClinton is the proud mother of three children; Anthony, Jamal, and Nicole. She is also the grandmother of six grandchildren; Anisha, Phoenyx, Paige Jean, Nadir, AJ, and Xari.

  • The Jaws of Agnes

    The Jaws of Agnes is a historical novel, documentary, and satire about hurricane Agnes. It describes the hurricane that flooded Elmira, New York, and adjacent towns in mid-June, 1972.

    Edgar L. Biamonte is an accomplished musician, educator and writer. As a pianist, he has been professionally performing in restaurants and various occasions since he was 18 years old. He joined the 686th Air Force Band as a beginning pianist in 1950. After being honorably discharged, he and his band toured Europe with Frank Sinatra, Tony Curtis, Janet Leigh, Rhonda Fleming and Ava Gardner during the Christmas season of 1952. He received his B.A. in English from Queens College, Flushing, New York in 1961 and his M.S. in Education from Elmira College Graduate School, Elmira, New York in 1968. He taught English, including poetry and creative writing at Southside High School in Elmira from 1962 until he retired in 1985. Over 100 of his 325 poems were published in literary magazines and many won or placed in various contests. Among his works are Window of Eternity, a life/death book published by Ashley Books in 1984 and Window to Eternity, a sequel published by Balboa Press in May 2012. He also wrote four novels and a collection of short stories. He eventually became an accomplished jazz pianist and composer and soloed on several Carnival Cruise ships and “Mariner of the Seas,” Royal Caribbean Line. He still plays piano professionally and appears on the Internet under edgarbiamonte.com. Currently, he is a resident of Hemlock Farms since he moved from Miami in 2002. He has three sons, one daughter, two grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

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  • What Your Local Department Store Doesn’t Want You To Know

    This book is about adamant shoppers, shoppers while no matter what the situation is or what it looks like, they will make the best of it.  They want a bargain at any cost, and by all means the department stores are not going to take all of the clothes that have been tried on many and many times, purchased, returned, and put back on the racks on the floor with a sign saying “SALE” USED CLOTHING.  If they did that they would not sell many clothing with the idea of new clothes for sale.

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