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  • The Mysteries of My Soul: A Collection of Poems

    The Mysteries of My Soul: A Collection of Poems

    Wonderful work and I am delighted that she remains so motivated to reflect on God’s goodness in her life and share those thoughts with others!

    John R. Brunsting
    Senior Mathematics Consultant
    Silver Strong & Associates

    The poems demonstrate how powerful a simple praise to God can be in overcoming daily hardships.

    Young and Curie Lee, missionaries

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    The World to be Explored

    If you see the door is closed,

    Don’t rush in hard-nosed.

    It’s not a good idea to walk,

    ‘Till on the door you knock…

    Then maybe, knock again,

    But, please, wait to hear, “come in”.

    B. Michele Stone c. 2007

    This book is about things that a small child would find behind the various doors they would walk through in life.

    It is a poetry book.

    All the illustrations have been done by her friend’s 14-year-old daughter, Rachel Huff.

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    Walking Through Poetry: The Rhythm of My Life

    This book is a walk through life experiences of happy events and memories and sometimes a healthy laugh at the author’s expense. She loves walking through the weather and seasonal changes. Her garden has a life of its own. Color has a special place in her daily life. Some of the experiences are real and some are fantasy. The book has a positive message to this increasingly negative and dark world.

    Readers have told her that her book brought cheer to their days while getting through cancer treatment. Others said it was a good way to start their day with a cup of coffee. She hopes new readers reflect, laugh or at least smile at some of the poetry. It was fun writing and collecting it.

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  • Whom Shall I Fear

    Whom Shall I Fear

    This book of poetry is a dynamic read. Not only will it inspire you to strive to live a better life but also your senses will become engaged knowing just what the chosen people of the bible suffered. Your life will be blessed and empowered upon reading this short book.

    About the author:

    Casey L. Connor Sr., grew up in the small town of Davidson North Carolina in the suburbs. After graduating high school he enlisted in the military. After its completion he returned to his home town to raise a family. He has always been inspired by the biblical writings of the old and new testaments. He gives all the glory to God, his parents and his children.

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