Blood Upon The Cross
Blood Upon The Cross

Blood Upon The Cross

By W. R. Stowe


My name is W.R. Stowe. I have written poetry all my life. Just recently, I decided to publish my poems from the prompting of my friends. I believe that writing is a natural gift from God. I used to write from pictures alone. I would gaze at the picture and the words would just flow. Then I became able to write from thoughts and ideas. Then I would just turn some easy listening music on and start writing, not having any idea of what I wrote until I read it, and sometimes it would make me cry. I become able to jump into another person's eyes and write what I felt they were thinking. My style of poetry is simple. I feel that people should not need a dictionary or a degree in English to read poetry. “Blood Upon the Cross” has poems of praise, and many poems about salvation and prayer. I hope you will be blessed by what you read. Thank you for your support and may God richly bless you.

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