Medical Pathways to Healing
Medical Pathways to Healing

Medical Pathways to Healing

By Rev. Elizabeth A. Patrick


This book is not designed to take the place of doctors, or medicine. It is designed to help both the believer and nonbeliever find scriptures that will help them overcome their illness and disease. I believe there is a spiritual and a physical healing. When the spiritual aspect of an individual’s life becomes healed then the physical begins to experience healing also.

Author Bio:

Elizabeth Patrick is a native of Louisiana. She lived in Texas for over 30 years. She has been a Christian most of her life and has held many positions in the church(s) of which she has been a member.

She has worked in various hospital settings: Med Surg; Emergency, and OB and Pedi. She also held positions in Occupation Nursing, and Home Health. Certifications in Occupational Health Nursing: Mental Health; EMT, and Paramedic. She has certifications in different aspects of nursing. She is also an Ordained Minister. She can be contacted at elizabet_patrick@ bellsouth.net.

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