No Bully!
No Bully!

No Bully!

By Geonna Monet Baker


Child superstar and rapper Chi Chi Monet has the fight of her life. She must stand up to the biggest, baddest bully in the school who is trying to make life miserable for some kinds who just want to learn. Will she get these kids to stand tall against the bully? Will she get this bully to stop, or will this bully keep making life hard for everybody? I don’t know! You’ll have to read to find out.

About the author:

GEONNA MONET BAKER, also known as Chi Chi Monet, is a young rapper, singer, activist, and philanthropist. Since six years old, she has been using music as a platform to inspire listeners with positive messages that transcend all generations. Now Chi Chi has taken it a step further by taking all those messages and turning them into a book series for kids and people of all ages to read all over the world. Check out the music video for this book on YouTube: youtube.com/chichimonet

For more information about Geonna Monet Baker you can visit her website at www.gsruntheworld.com

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