The Purpose of the Church and Its Members

By Dr. Michael


When a church is established God the Holy Spirit lead the people in the work. They had a vision for that church a divine purpose. The same for the life of the believer when He saved you He established a purpose in your life. The purpose for both you and the church is shown in this book, come find your purpose and the purpose for your church.

About the author

Michael W. Cotie is the pastor of a Baptist church in Dayton Texas. Attained degrees from several Christian universities and seminaries. A believer in the Lord Jesus Christ for over 50 years. Through his years of growth and pastoring and study, and with the life experiences to know just how to find God’s purpose that is His will for a Christian walk. Guided by a Christian father to study God’s word and feeling the calling of God to the ministry Dr. Mike has been saved for well over fifty years.

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