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The Rev Don, Redux: The Reverend Don Black White-Water Guide

By Donald Chisholm


This is a true story about a Black White-water Rafting Guide in the Northwest back in the 80’s and 90’s. It starts with a short that tells the tale of how he got his river handle name “THE REV” and how he got into whitewater rafting. This is the extended version 3 of Swift water adventures that includes the additional chapter “The Rambo Weekend”.

I have also included the link to a short Music Video that has a mix of gallery and video to show the wild and powerful energy that became so addictive. https://vimeo.com/35784097

About the author:

My Name is Don J. Chisholm “AKA THE REV.” I was born in what once was Detroit Michigan. I am the third child born on the thirteenth day on the third rock from the sun. I had no idea that I would live this long based on my journey through this life I served my country to escape Detroit after college. The last tour of duty was the “PNW”. It’s been a long journey through many trials, just read and enjoy the triumphs because they are not your typical things one experiences. Some very funny and some very weird but entertaining.

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