The Testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy

By Nannette Dalton


Your heart will rejoice as you learn the ways the Holy Spirit draws us to Jesus. Jesus was the fulfillment of many Biblical prophecies, but prophecy is more than historical proof of a Messiah. It is a daily revealing of Jesus to us by the Holy Spirit. It is the Holy Spirit’s function to glorify God and reveal Jesus to us. Jesus said that when the promised Comforter, the Holy Spirit, would come to the Church, He would testify of Jesus. When we come to truth, it is the Holy Spirit who guides us in our search. We can trust God’s Holy Spirit. After we have come to truth, we are to abide in Christ Jesus. Abiding prepares us to be used by the Holy Spirit to testify of our Savior. To have an effective testimony of Jesus, we must let the Holy Spirit school and lead us, so that through our love and obedience, Christ Jesus will be formed in us. The Holy Spirit opens Scripture to us to show us things that are and things that are to come. He is the only One who can do this. When the testimony of Jesus Christ truly lives in us, then we are prepared to preach Him to the whole world with signs following. This book, The Testimony of Jesus Is the Spirit of Prophecy, opens Scripture and reveals Jesus to us in a new way.

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Nannette Dalton, lives in Raleigh, North Carolina. She is a graduate of Miracle Valley Bible College in Bisbee, Arizona. In 2004, she traveled to Zimbabwe, Africa, where she taught in a conference on prayer. ere she had the privilege of seeing the Lord manifest Himself to His people wanting to know Him more intimately and be lead by His Holy Spirit.

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The Holy Spirit is the only one who can reveal Jesus to us. This book opens the Scripture to us, and shows us how Jesus is revealed to us by the Holy Spirit, from Genesis to Revelation.

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